OneTrust Policy and Notice Management Solution

What does this product do?

Our Policy and Notice Management Solution helps organizations eliminate the manual processes of identifying and tracking policies across their websites and apps and allows businesses to display unique policies based on the geographical region and regulations specific to the visitor’s location. Businesses can also enable policies with multilingual capabilities to display in local languages based on browser preferences. The OneTrust Policy and Notice Management solution enables organizations to centrally manage and update policies across their digital landscape while eliminating the need for custom coding and manual backend development processes.

Main Features of this Product

  • Identify policies across all of your digital properties to update and maintain for consistency;
  • Design and create policies leveraging the template gallery, rich editing, and responsive designs;
  • Leverage role-based access control base on the individual and organizational group;
  • Create a single policy and scale across 100+ languages with multilingual capabilities;
  • Centralize storage of policy designs, templates, and versions in a single repository;
  • Generate unique scripts for your policies with no need of development work;
  • Integrate policies with your existing Content Management System (CMS) via plugins;
  • Deploy policies and notices across domains or apps via a tag manager or mobile SDK;
  • Grant specific team members access rights to collaborate on policies during updating periods;
  • Maintain version control for publicly available policies and view full audit log of changes;
  • Monitor policies on a regular basis for consistency across websites and applications.

Options & Pricing

  1. Dedicated client environment where you can self-manage the platform – $1 620,00
  2. Partner environment where we manage the platform for you – $891,00

All prices on this module are quoted in USD as the module is made available through One Trust, our global data privacy partner, and through whom we have negotiated preferred pricing structures for all our clients. E-mail our team at or call +27(012) 452 1300, should you be interested in this product.



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