We offer a range of services from a quick kick start with ready made documents, or we can create a bespoke solution.


Compliance Documents

We can assist with the drafting and preparation, review and customisation of any and all of your documents such as privacy policies, user agreements, PAIA Manuals, operator agreements, intra-group or third party transferring agreements, cookie policies, disclaimers and consent notifications, internal employee processing policies, HR and employment processing procedures, incident management policies / data breach guidelines, ‘work-from-home’ employee policies, video recording policies and employee hardware/software policies.


gap analysis

To determine the level of compliance both from a legal and technical viewpoint.



Legal and technical impact assessments required to assess impact or risk.



Data Breaches

Management of data breaches and legal advice for reporting thereof.


Information Officers

Find out how we can assist with registration and training of information officers.



Face-to-face & e-learning to get you informed about POPIA and awareness within your organisation.



Privacy by Designs

Bespoke solution to clients through our legal and tech partners products, tools and services.


Not sure where to start?

Questionnaires and checklists to help the information officer, deputies and division heads assess and maintain the organisation’s compliance and create self-testing awareness.

More than a kick-start!

The 5 stages to POPIA compliance

By no means is POPIA compliance and data protection in general, a tick box exercise. Full compliance with POPIA and any data protection law, where applicable, may require an in depth analysis and assessment of your organisation’s current processing operations and procedures.

Stage 1: Workshop 1

Introduction to POPIA and our POPIpack Offering.

Stage 2: Workshop 2

Gathering of information so we can do Impact assessments (legal and Tech) in order to form a gap analysis.

Stage 3: Workshop 3

Tabling and discussion of Project Plan, deliverables, timeframes, cost and fees and approval thereof.


Implementation of Project Plan.


Continuance maintenance of the Project Plan and regular check-ups for continuance compliance.


The service may include an on-site visit to determine to what extent your business requires a POPI make over. We also offer data protection, security tools and platforms through our Tech Partners.


We can discuss the unique needs of your organisation, get in touch and let’s talk business.


Face-to-face and e-learning training designed to specifically get you informed about what’s popping with POPIA.

Contract Review and Drafting

Contracts govern your business relationships, but they also regulate the exchange of any personal information between the parties. When it comes to contract management we believe that acquiring permission for the collection of personal data and also ensuring clear statements of responsibility and liability regarding the protection of personal data is key to POPIA and data protection compliance. We can assist in the legal review and updating of your existing contracts and also draft suitable agreements tailored to identify and address data processing risk areas. Contact us to find out more.

Contract Review and Drafting
Complaints & Breach Management

Complaints & Breach Management

POPIA allows any person to lodge a complaint with the Information Regulator where that person believes the processing of personal information is not taking place lawfully. Whether your business has received a complaint regarding the processing of personal information or whether you require assistance lodging a complaint with the Regulator, we are able to assist in facilitating the process and can provide guidance and expertise. When it comes to breach management, we believe that in order to quickly and efficiently identify, diagnose, mitigate and control a breach incident, your business needs a clear incident response plan and the right team to implement it. Therefore, we provide breach management services to ensure your organisation is not left wondering what to do in the event something goes wrong. A plan and the right team will ensure you save time and money and what your reporting and breach assessment obligations may be in the circumstances. Contact us to find out more.

Information Officers

POPIA requires that your organisation appoints an “Information Officer” and for such person to take the lead on creating and maintaining internal awareness and training sessions within the organisation, which means educating personnel on the provisions and requirements of POPIA.

Contract Review and Drafting

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Not sure where to start?

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