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If you feel none of our existing Packs or individual documents are what you need, or you require a consultation to discuss if you would require us to customise any of our packs for your specific business needs, get in touch and let’s talk business. 

We can do a thorough gap analysis to determine the current state of your organisation’s compliance with POPIA and identify the shortcomings, both from a legal and technical viewpoint.

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Getting Started is Easy

No matter where your organisation is on your data protection or POPIA compliance journey and if you are feeling confused about where to start, we recommend that you view our POPIpacks and other services or visit our training page for a helpful Knowledge Session to specifically get you informed about what’s popping with POPIA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works

Can you audit us to make sure we are compliant?

We have already commenced with a POPIA / data privacy project and need help auditing our current suite of legal documents or tech systems to make sure we are still compliant?

Refer to our full range of service offerings and feel free to contact us to schedule a consult. We are here to help and discuss your needs.

Do you offer individual legal documents?

Yes, refer to our products page where our single legal product solutions are available for viewing and purchasing.

Who is behind POPIPack?

POPIPack was designed by legal professionals. Find out who is in our team. Our consultancy legal services are offered through VDT Attorneys Inc. and we also offer various data protection tools and solutions through our Tech Partners.

I don’t know if the POPIPack is for me?

If you are not sure whether one of our POPIPack’s will suit you we recommend subscribing to our generic pack, working your way through the documents and then contacting us if you require our assistance in customising same and if necessary. Alternatively, consider attending our Information Knowledge Session or purchasing the pre-recorded version thereof. This session has been designed to gear you up for understanding what POPIA is and how you need to approach a data protection compliance project. If you are still not sure see our full range of service offerings and feel free to contact us to schedule a consult. We are here to help  and discuss your needs.

What’s included in a purchased POPIPack?

Refer to our Product page for a description of each Pack’s contents

Do you offer training solutions?

Yes we do. Training and overall awareness on POPIA and data protection is vital to understanding what you may need to do to ensure compliance with the conditions and standards. Please refer to our training offerings. If our pre-set online or face-to-face training offerings do not address your needs we are open to discuss a tailored workshop / training offering, please contact us if you feel you need a tailored training solution.