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No matter where your organisation is on your data protection or POPIA compliance journey and if you are feeling confused about where to start. View our POPIpacks and consider purchasing or subscribing to one of our Pack Solutions, or single legal document.

If you need more information or you require a consultation to discuss the unique needs of the organisation, fill in our contact form and let’s talk business.

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Take our quick questionaire to help you. Compliance with POPIA is no tick-box exercise but having a place to start helps.

POPIA Introduction Knowledge Session

We know compliance can feel daunting and with the commencement of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”) on 1 July 2020, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed trying to make sense of it all, and what exactly you need to do to ensure you are not caught on the wrong side of the law.

POPIA Information Knowledge Session

What is POPIpack™

POPIA is South Africa’s data protection law which regulates the lawful processing of personal information or “data”.  POPIA came into effect on 1 July 2021. POPIA aims to protect the constitutional right to privacy and holding parties who use personal data accountable by subjecting these responsible persons to certain rules and conditions thereby enabling them to lawfully process personal data.

The POPIpack includes a generic set of legal data protection documents which, aims to deliver a POPIA compliance kick-start for the organisation.

POPIA compliance kick-start

Packs are geared to help your organisation address its POPIA compliance from a legal documents standpoint.


Right to Privacy

Each document has been carefully considered and drafted by legal professionals and is geared to provide the core minimum legal agreements.

Privacy By Design

Crafting a bespoke solution to your business through customisation of your existing compliance framework or one of our existing POPIpacks to your business needs.

Our POPIpack™ Offerings

Have a look at our full range of service offerings and feel free to contact us to schedule a consult. We are here to help  and discuss your needs.

POPIpack Packs

A generic set of legal data protection documents which aims to deliver a POPIA compliance kick-start to your organisation.


An in depth analysis and assessment of your organisation’s operations and procedures from a legal and technical perspective.


Training and overall awareness on POPIA and data protection is vital to ensure compliance.

More than just a kick Start

By no means is POPIA compliance and data protection a tick box exercise. Full compliance with POPIA and any data protection law may require an in depth analysis and assessment of your organisation’s current processing operations and procedures. Or have a look at one of our packs to get you on your way. 

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The role and liability of an operator under POPIA

The role and liability of an operator under POPIA

This insight article seeks to provide a high-level overview of the role of an operator, how the positon compares to the role of the “responsible party” (equivalent to a “data controller” under the GDPR) and what organisation’s should practically be considering when it comes to implementing compliance measures which may involve this role.

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