Information Officer Appointment Letter


Every responsible party is required to register an Information Officer. Information officers are appointed automatically in terms of PAIA. POPIA extends on the role and responsibilities of the Information Officer. What this means is that every public body (e.g. national department, provincial body, and municipality) and every private body (e.g. a company, a trust, or a close corporation) has an Information Officer by default and no one is exempt. The default position is that the Information Officer is the head of the body (CEO / managing director). The CEO or managing director may, in writing, designate and authorise any natural person within the body to act as the Information Officer. 

What does the appointment letter cover?

  • enables the head of the body to change the default position and appoint and authorise a person within the organisation to fulfil the role of the Information Officer.
  • sets out that Information Officer’s duties and responsibilities
  • makes provision for recommended indemnities for the role
  • makes provision for recommended duties of the responsible party to support the Information Officer in performance of their role
  • incorporates the registration requirements for Information Officer’s to be registered with the Information Regulator
  • can be customised for your organisation’s requirements

Simply purchase and download the document and apply to your organisation. If you require help to customise the document, contact us.