Intra-Group Transfer Agreement for Data Transfers


Intra-Group Agreement for Data Transfers (“IGA”)– Group Companies: This generic IGA for group transfers has been drafted in accordance with the data protection principles of both the GDPR and POPIA and is best suited to apply to the processing of personal data in the context of a group structure whereby companies transfer personal data between members of the group. The IGA sets out the terms and conditions on which any member company of the group engages another member company in relation to the processing of personal data. The IGA deals specifically with Controller-to-Controller transfers, Joint Controllership, Controller-to-Processor transfers, Processor-to-Sub-Processor transfers and authorisation for third party data processing agreements to be concluded by members of the group with third parties. Purchase and download the IGA, apply to your group circumstances and, if need be, contact us if you require customisation of the IGA