POPIpack™ – Limited Starter Pack – Membership


What’s included in the subscriber limited starter pack? 

  1. Website User Agreement (POPIpack )
  2. Privacy Policy (POPIpack)
  3. Service Level Agreement (POPIpack)
  4. Information Officer Appointment Letter
  5. Board Resolution
  6. Introduction to POPIA Knowledge Session Video (POPIpack )

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Who should download this Limited Starter Pack pack? 

This  limited subscription starter pack is intended to provide guidance to all types of organisations, whether you are old school and don’t believe in things like a company website, tech and data, and still operate in pen and paper (Yes, you will also need to comply with POPIA), or whether you just started out your new business and you want to comply with POPIA but have a limited budget for compliance. Simply purchase and download the documents and apply to your business. Should you require assistance in customisation for your specific business needs, contact us.


Privacy Policy

This generic privacy policy sets out the reasons why, how and when your company processes personal information of anyone who deals with your company in any way. It has been drafted to co-align with POPIA’s eight conditions for the lawful processing of personal information. The privacy policy is incorporated into your company’s Website  User Agreement when customers make use of your website & can be incorporated into your company’s standard service level agreement or product T&Cs. Simply download the document and apply to your business. If you require our help to customise the generic document, get in touch.


Website User Agreement

This document sets out generic Ts&Cs for making use of your company’s website, other social media sites your company may operate and regulates the selling of your products and services to customers. This agreement is linked to your company’s Privacy Policy. Simply download the document and apply to your business. If you require our help to customise the generic document, get in touch.


Service Level Agreement

This generic agreement sets out the terms and conditions for your products and services that you may offer to your customers and specifically what your customers agree to when making use of such services or purchasing your products. The document also makes provisions for you to incorporate your organisation’s privacy policy and, if your organisation’s website operates as an e-commerce store, also its website user agreement. This generic document can further be customised according to your business requirements, contact us if your require help with this.


Introduction to POPIA Knowledge Session Video

This  recorded introduction to POPIA video is based on our awareness training session – Sowing the Seeds of Compliance and provides a high-level overview of the basics of POPIA:

  • What is POPIA?
  • What does POPIA aim to do?
  • Why do I need to protect personal information?
  • Why do I need to comply with POPIA? Penalties for non-compliance
  • Who is who in respect of POPIA? Important terms and key role players
  • Who is the Information Regulator & the Information Officer?
  • Does POPIA apply to my business?
  • Conditions for lawful processing of personal information.
  • Guidance steps on a POPIA compliance journey & Where to start.

Information Officer Appointment Letter

Every responsble party has an information officer.  The default position is that the Information Officer is the head of the body (CEO / managing director). The CEO or managing director may, in writing, designate and authorise any natural person within the body to act as the Information Officer. 

What does the appointment letter cover?

  • enables the head of the body to change the default position and appoint and authorise a person within the organisation to fulfil the role of the Information Officer.
  • sets out that Information Officer’s duties and responsibilities
  • makes provision for recommended indemnities for the role
  • makes provision for recommended duties of the responsible party to support the Information Officer in performance of their role
  • incorporates the registration requirements for Information Officer’s to be registered with the Information Regulator
  • can be customised for your organisation’s requirements

Board Resolution

This generic board resolution aims to enable a private or public body (e.g. company, close corporation, partnership), as a responsible party under POPIA, to adopt implementation measures to comply with POPIA and PAIA. It covers:

  • Resolve to compliance measures commencing (gap analysis or audit report and high impact assessments being conducted)
  • Resolve to recognised head of the body as the automatically appointed information officer
  • Resolve to designation and authorisation of information officer (IO) from the head of the body to another person within the body
  • Resolve to authorisation of deputy information officer(s) (DIO)
  • Resolve to IO’s and DIO’s registration with the Information Regulator
  • Resolve to general duties and responsibilities of the information officer
  • Signed by acting chairperson of the board of the body

Mitigate risk for your company.

Organisations are looking to reduce their risks and be a bit more proactive in their business without spending a lot of money.