Board Resolution – POPIA Implementation


This generic board resolution aims to enable a private or public body (e.g. company, close corporation, partnership), as a responsible party under POPIA, to adopt implementation measures to comply with POPIA and PAIA. It covers:

  • Resolve to compliance measures commencing (gap analysis or audit report and high impact assessments being conducted)
  • Resolve to recognised head of the body as the automatically appointed information officer
  • Resolve to designation and authorisation of information officer (IO) from the head of the body to another person within the body
  • Resolve to authorisation of deputy information officer(s) (DIO)
  • Resolve to IO’s and DIO’s registration with the Information Regulator
  • Resolve to general duties and responsibilities of the information officer
  • Signed by acting chairperson of the board of the body

The document is customisable. Simply purchase and download the document and apply to your organisation. If you require help to customise the document, contact us.